Mayhem Affiliate 12/22/2022

Mayhem Affiliate 12/22/2022


1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate
Hip Halo Warm-Up + Crossover Symmetry or Banded 7’s
3 sets
3 Snatch Grip Push Press
3 Overhead Squats
3 Pressing Snatch Balance
3 Snatch Balance
* Have athletes start with a PVC Pipe and progress into a light, empty barbell as they warm through the sets. *

2. Strength Prep
For snatch balance, athletes can take their bar from the rig. Ensure that athletes can overhead squat before attempting snatch balance. Athletes should make sure to step back far enough from the rig in case the bar is dropped in front to avoid bouncing the bar off of the rig. For athletes who cannot overhead squat, have them practice snatch balance with a PVC pipe or empty bar AND/OR build in weight on a Snatch Grip Push Jerk from the back rack.

3. Workout Prep
1 set (each)
20-second Row (at workout pace)

Snatch Balance (Weight)

Heavy Snatch Balance

* Work up to a heavy single for the day *

Workout (10 Rounds for reps)

Silver Bells

Freedom (RX’d)
Teams of 2
10 rounds (each/1:1)
200/175m Row

Teams of 2
10 rounds (each/1:1)
175m/150m Row

Teams of 2
10 rounds (each/1:1)
30 seconds Max Meter Row
(Partner one rows 30-seconds while partner 2 rests. Switch every 30-seconds)

Target time each set: 40-50 seconds
Time cap each set: 60 seconds


1 min Seal Pose
1 min Tricep Smash (each)
1 min Foam roll glutes and IT band (each side)