WOD for Saturday, September 24th 2022

Saturday, September 24th 2022

A. General
30sec Row/Bike/Run/Ski @ easy
30sec Banded Y pulls
30sec Row/Bike/Run/Ski @ Moderate
30sec Banded OH Squats
30sec Row/Bike/Run/Ski @ Hard

B. Mobility
PVC shoulder dislocate
10-12 Repetitions

-As close as you can while maintaining lock out and retraction in the scap

C. Specific Movement Drills
3 sets
Beginner: 6-8 alternating High box step ups Or Box supported pistols
Advanced: 6-8 Alternating Pistols or Weighted pistols
C2B: Butterfly
Beginner: 5 Butterfly CTB drill-
Advanced: 3-5 Pause Butterfly pull-ups-
Beginner: 3 OHS @ increasing intensity
Advanced: 3 OH Pistol Squat*

Metcon (Time)
10 rounds for time
10 Pistols
10 C2B
10 OHS 115/75lbs

KG: 50/35 KG
TC: 26 min
Score: Time

Scaling Options
8 Single leg box squats (alternating)
10 Jumping pull ups
8 OHS @ light

10 Heel Lock Pistols
10 Pull Ups
10 OHS 75/55 lbs


Metcon (Time)
Team Version
With a partner, alternating movements

20 rounds
10 Pistols
10 C2B
10 OHS 115/75lbs

Extra Accessory
Metcon (Checkmark)
Shoulder Health

Pull back + internal rotation
3 x 10
With a Crossover Symmetry or a band
Rest as needed between sets